By Elisabeth Lively Editor-in-Chief   I didn’t think I would ever be so desperately eager to watch a documentary. But after watching Disneynature’s newest film, Dolphin Reef, I’ve begun to cling to their nature films. However, I ask myself, is ‘documentary’ the right word? Let’s be honest, documentaries are boring.Continue Reading

By Elisabeth Lively Editor-in-Chief   When we hear about dragons, fairies and magic, what do we picture? Let’s be honest – we picture medieval Europe. But that was hundreds of years ago. What has come of these creatures and their lives since? That’s the question that Pixar explores in theirContinue Reading

Netflix recently released season two of their original series Atypical. The show revolves around Sam Gardner, a high school senior with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who has decided to enter the world of dating. ASD, formally known as Asperger’s Syndrome, is a disorder that affects one’s ability to socialize andContinue Reading

Don’t miss out on this one. Netflix’s new series Maniac is like eternal sunshine stuffed in a bag of imagination. This chaotic, romantic, sci-fi, comedic action-packed (shall I go on) story follows two strangers, Owen Milgrim (Jonah Hill) and Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone), who are drawn to take part inContinue Reading