Almost, Maine: A new spin on holiday romance

By Skylar Fondren

A small town in Maine experiencing the romantic drama of a Hallmark romcom? Sign me up! The play “Almost, Maine” follows various couples, ex-couples, and soon-to-be-couples on their struggles with finding a connection and love. Some characters struggled with communicating their frustration with their partner, while others were a little too upfront. Through all the drama of the play, and the fast switches between couples, the overarching theme of relationship remains. 

Though relationships may be difficult, sometimes honesty is the best way to spark some change in your life. From professing your love to a girl with confusing art to coincidentally meeting a girl whose name matches the one inscribed on your arm, this play is very entertaining. 

However, none of this can compare to the talent from the actors. Not one actor stumbled, and if they did, nobody could tell. Lines were delivered flawlessly, even when the situation was getting steamy, the actors portrayed their characters’ emotions and nothing else. 

Though I was a little surprised at the level of romantic connection displayed in this production, it is clear that there was a purpose behind it. Sometimes people need an unexpected kiss to profess their feelings. 

I truly felt like these characters felt what they were displaying, which can be hard to do in real time, with the fickleness of our own minds. The actors proved they were up to the challenge. This play is another wonderful example of Page Petrucka’s ability to command the stage, and her actors, into perfection.