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By Erica Aguinaga Staff Writer Entering a room without being seen sounds like the work of a magician, however, breaking into an email server without leaving a trace can only be the doing of a hacker. Much like a magician, hackers have the ability to manipulate a person’s mind andContinue Reading

  On-site Contest Newspaper Design – Elisabeth Lively, 1st place Best of Show Division 3 – Eagle Staff, 3rd place   Previously Published/Broadcast Contest First Place  Overall Excellence Newspaper – Eagle Staff Overall Design Newspaper – Eagle Staff Cover Design Newspaper – Eagle Staff Op/Ed Page Design – Nubia SanchezContinue Reading

By Chyna Rogers and Teresa Flores Staff Writer, Senior Sports Correspondent  With the start of a new season, the Northeast Eagles baseball team welcomes a new, yet familiar, head coach. Shane Wedd is back, but this time at the helm. Wedd, a Kansas native, is no stranger to the college’s baseballContinue Reading

By Daniel Yanez Editor-in-Chief At first glance, Debbie Strong might seem like any other ordinary art instructor. However, under closer inspection, a different personality of her extensive military background is exposed. Strong’s Army character adds an extra dose of energy to her classroom. Reminiscing on her former military days fromContinue Reading