Movies to create the perfect fall vibe

By Abigail Barnard
Staff Writer

As Fall approaches one can almost hear Linus from Charlie Brown, welcoming the Great Pumpkin! College football has begun, pumpkin spice lattes (PSL) have made their return as the days get shorter and the nights grow colder. Autumn is a time to slow down. For some, it’s time to rewatch their favorite flicks.

Fans of the show, Gilmore Girls, make their yearly pilgrimage to join Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. 

Many find comfort in the quirkiness of the characters, the plot and the seeming omnipotence of the town’s citizens. Everyone knows everything about everyone in that tiny unassuming town. 

Each season the “will they or won’t they” trope, used in all great tv sitcoms, picks up with Lorelai Gilmore and Luke Danes. Lorelai and Luke are perfect for each other, Lorelai has a caffeine addiction and Luke has dinner with enough coffee to keep Lorelai happy. The show begins in autumn and creates the perfect fall vive helping set the table for late season hijinxs.

Fans on Instagram are showing others how they start their yearly binge-watch. Some get their PSL and light a candle while decorating their house. There’s just something about watching a great movie to help you transition to the next season.

However, “Gilmore Girls” isn’t the only show that fall lovers enjoy. In fact, there are many that can get us in the mood to carve pumpkins leading into the spooky season. Here are just a few movies and shows that are perfect for getting into the “fall mood.”

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

This classic  “Peanuts” movie brings the gang all together again just in time for the start of fall. Linus is faithfully waiting on the “Great Pumpkin.” But once he realizes no one believes in him, he sets off to prove that the Pumpkin is not just a story.

You’ve Got Mail

Small bookseller Kathleen Kelly hates the big corporate Foxbooks chain owned by Joe Fox.  Oblivious to each other’s identities, they begin an anonymous email romance. Once Joe learns of his mystery woman’s identity, he struggles with the dislike he once felt and  the love he now feels.

Sweet Home Alabama

Fashion designer Melanie gets engaged to the most eligible bachelor in New York. Melanie has kept many things under the rug, including her high school sweetheart who won’t divorce her. Melanie sneaks back home to Alabama to finish the divorce, only to discover you can take the girl out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of the girl.


Casper is a friendly young ghost who peacefully hunts a home in Maine. New home owner James Harvey arrives to communicate with Casper and his friends. Casper  and James’ daughter, Kat quickly begin a friendship, which gets complicated with Casper’s uncle’s mischievous antics.