“Bluey” brings new depth, emotion to children’s TV

“Bluey” stars a family of four as they navigate childhood and parenthood.

Abigail Bernard Staff Writer

Every year there is a new children’s show that takes over the toy aisle, where anything from lunch boxes, hair bows, and socks has the characters on them. Of course, every parent must endure this show that their child is obsessed with, and buy every new toy that hits the shelf. We saw this trend with “Frozen,” and “Paw Patrol.

Australian TV kids show, Bluey,” is centered around a family of dogs, the Heeler family, their dog friends, and follows the children as they learn to navigate life. The Heeler family is made up of Mom, Chili Heeler, Dad, Bandit Heeler and their daughters Bluey and Bingo. Young kids love to watch Bluey and Bingo play fun games with their parents.

What makes “Bluey” different from other kid shows is that the writers and producers know parents are watching, so why not make a few episodes for Mom and Dad?

An episode called “Baby Race” focuses on Chili learning how to be a Mom for the first time and feeling the pressure of Bluey keeping up with the other babies her age. Chili feels like a failure as a Mom when Bluey still hasn’t learned to crawl but several other babies have learned to walk.

When Bella Poodle comforts Chili and tells her that she’s doing a great job, the frame pans over to Bella, where it looks like she’s telling the viewer they are doing a great job too.

Moms on Instagram are raving about how the show touched their hearts and how they needed to hear that they were doing a good job.

It’s not only kids and their parents who are watching, though. Teenagers have also found the show to be comforting, and many see it as a way to heal their inner child.

Generation Z and millennials grew up with another little dog, Blue from “Blues Clues, and are now finding the same comfort in “Bluey.” 

Sometimes kid’s shows aren’t just for kids, sometimes a “show for kids” brings a level of depth and comfort that touches everyone.