Finding a personalized style that is all your own

By Dulce Soza

Staff Writer

The fashion industry is a multibillion-dollar enterprise that is only expected to grow. Why is it that it’s such a successful field? Fashion is a very expressive form of art that most consumers use to reveal their inner thoughts and feelings. A person’s style can convey confidence, beliefs, and it’s just simply a lifestyle. Every morning, you make an apparel decision, you decide what and how you’re feeling and unknowingly express it to the world. 

Negative opinions in the fashion industry, beginning with the unattainable standards that society has set has affected young people from around the world, allowing them to believe that in order to look “desirable” or even feel good then they need to weigh a certain amount or look a certain way. What makes you feel good inside is all that should matter when deciding your look. 

There are so many different trends online, each with their own style names-streetwear, y2k, vintage, E-girls, VSCO girl, grunge, and so many more. However, fashion extends to more than just clothing. Girls express themselves through nails, hair colors and cuts, makeup looks, piercings and boys love to show off their new shoes and hats. Whenever one wears what makes them feel like themselves and helps them feel comfortable or beautiful, it can impact the way they feel inside as well. 

Culture is another big part in a person’s choice of style. Every country has a piece of home and representation put into the way that its citizens dress themselves, most having hundreds of traditions behind it. In the late 90s, brown lips and hoop earring were conceived to be a go to for latinas, and usually were stereotyped as “hood” like, yet now it’s a go to look for many girls claiming they want that “ Hailey Bieber look”. This made many girls angry but it goes to show how fashion trends evolve if one person pushes it to the public just enough. 

A few use their clothing to set themselves apart from others, they wanna be seen and heard and others just want to fit in, either way individuality is truly what everyone is trying to achieve. Whether it’s to blend in or stand out everyone wants to feel like themselves no matter what and how we present ourselves is the first way we do that. It could even be said that a person wearing many layers of clothing and jewelry might have many layers to who they are and vice versa. At the end of the day, what you choose to show to the world starts at the very surface of your skin.