EagleAssist offers student support

By Doc Anderson

Staff Writer

Northeast Texas Community College students have a new one-stop shop to access student services both on campus and online. NTCC created the Eagle Assist program to help students easily and quickly find support for many of the common issues that come with attending college.

Eagle Assist has a variety of resources for students to explore. Students have access through the Eagle Assist portal to a variety of student services including classroom accommodations, mental health counselling, the NTCC CARE Center (food pantry), online financial literacy classes and tutoring services. 

NTCC Vice President of Student and Outreach Services Dr. Josh Stewart said the goal is to make the Eagle Assist name synonymous with student support. “Eagle Assist really means support for our students. Some inside the classroom, but mostly outside the classroom,” Stewart said. “Now we have a collective resource for students.”

The classroom accommodation service is in place to ensure that students with special needs have every tool required to be successful. The mental health counseling service allows students to request counseling sessions with a licensed counselor or social worker. The NTCC CARE center provides students with food and hygiene products. The online financial literacy service educates students, via online video or in person, on financial aid and budgeting. The tutoring service allows students to sign up for online tutoring as well as check the in-person tutoring schedule for the semester.

NTCC students can gain access to the Eagle Assist portal in a variety of ways. Initially, an email was sent out to the student body’s campus email address. Clicking on the provided link will redirect the students to the Eagle Assist resource page.

Signs with QR codes for the Eagle Assist program have been placed throughout campus. 

Students interested in utilizing Eagle Assist can quickly access the portal by using the camera feature on their phone to scan the QR codes on the flyer. After successfully scanning the QR code, the student will be automatically directed to the Eagle Assist portal.

The resource list on the Eagle Assist portal is slated for growth. Stewart said they plan on introducing new programs to bolster the list of available services.

“We are excited that we are going to be adding some other services as well such as emergency aid, childcare help for students, and some type of transportation help,” Stewart said.

The Eagle Assist program allows students to confidentially explore the resources offered by NTCC. Stewart said the goal of the program is to create a single portal containing all of the services that students may require.

“Students don’t know the services they have available to them,” Stewart said. “Our goal as a college is for every student to know what is available to them.”

For more information on the Eagle Assist program, contact eagleassist@ntcc.edu.