Get Focused at NTCC

By Jacquelin Terrell

Staff Writer

Students at Northeast Texas Community College are being encouraged to focus, not on homework or sports, but on their futures. Focus 2 is a program offered at NTCC to assist students in finding a degree that is right for them. 

“It is all about finding a degree that has a career that makes you happy,” NTCC Academic Transfer Coach Neomi Deciga said. 

To begin, students must make a profile by accessing Focus 2 from their MyEagle portal and clicking on the career tab. Students can then register to create their Focus 2 account by using the access code “eagle.” 

Once their account is created, students will need to complete three short assessments, “My Career Planning Involvement,” “My Academic Strengths,” and “Am I Career Ready?” After the career planning assessments comes the self-s]assessment that involves five different aspects: work interests, leisure Interests, skills, personality, and values. 

Deciga said students should take some time to really think about their future careers and which degree they want to pursue going forward. 

“Answer the questions seriously and honestly,” she said. “This is what will help guide you in making a decision in what you will do in life.” 

After the assessments are finished, the program will combine each one and display what occupation would be the best fit for the individual student, including the pay scale those occupations offer and which degree would be best for a given career. 

Focus 2 has been offered on the NTCC campus since 2018 and currently has 414 students involved in the program. For more information, visit the Career and Transfer Center in the Business Technology building on the NTCC campus or contact the NTCC Transfer Team at