The NTCC Care Center Debuts Cook Nook

The NTCC Care Center provides a variety of service to students including the Cook Nook. The Cook Nook is a place for students to prepare their own healthy meals.

By Doc Anderson

Staff Writer

Northeast Texas Community College students now have a place to go to prepare their own food. The Eagle CARE Center has set up a spot designated for students who want to cook a healthy meal for themselves. The CARE Center calls this place, “The Cook Nook.”

         The Cook Nook is located in the Instructional Annex building in room 105 and is open to all students. The Cook Nook has an air fryer, hot plate, pots and pans, and a microwave available for students. The CARE Center asks that students check in with one of the center mentors and fill out the provided sign in sheet. Students are also responsible for the cleaning of the equipment and area before they leave.

         NTCC Social Work Major Jessica Hitt says the Cook Nook helps provide students with a relief from the burdens, financial and emotional, of college.

         “The Cook Nook was created to help basic needs,” Hitt said. “If you want to save a little money or don’t have a lot of money for food on campus, you’re able to come and make a healthy meal.”

         The Cook Nook is available Monday through Thursday from 8am-3pm. For more information on the Cook Nook contact Carmen Shurtleff, faculty advisor of the CARE Center, at