Design club creates opportunities for creativity

By Skylar Fondren

A new club has arrived at Northeast Texas Community College, Design Club. Design club is for students interested in designing clothing for costumes and fashion. 

The club will be the first of its kind at NTCC. President and founder Hope Kelly said she is proud of  her group. Kelly is an art major and member of the honors program at NTCC. In her limited free time, she designs clothes and costumes for her cosplays.

Hope said she is excited to bring her hobby to campus and teach others how to make costumes so they too can dress up like their favorite characters.

Skylar Hodson, Vice President for the Design Club, heard about Kelly’s idea on the annual honors film trip, where they bonded over their love of costumes. Hodson was immediately interested in the idea and started working with Kelly to get the club started. 

To start a club on campus, students and advisers must first go through the process of founding the club or organization. There are several tasks that must be completed, including writing bylaws, assigning officer roles, and most importantly getting members and finding an adviser. Even before the club is confirmed, there must be proof that people are interested in the organization. Kelly was lucky to find that several people, including Hodson, wanted to become members as soon as possible. 

“Design club started out [because of] our president’s desire to teach other people how to sew and create costumes,” Hodson said.

Kelly and Hodson already have more ideas for expanding the club.

 “What we’re talking about right now is making costumes, prop making, possibly even make-up and sfx in the future,” Hodson said.

Every club must also be active in the community and on campus and Kelly said she plans to make a statement at the annual Scare Affair on Oct. 29. Kelly said the club plans to conduct several fundraising events including selling homemade pins, buttons and holding bake sales, in order to purchase additional costume material and to attend a group trip to the Dallas Fan Expo in 2023.

The Design Club meets on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. in the backstage area of the Whatley Center.  The adviser is NTCC Theater Director Dr. Page Petrucka. Petrucka said the meeting day and time are temporary and are subject to change. Any student interested in joining should contact Kelly at