By Erica Aguinaga Staff Writer Entering a room without being seen sounds like the work of a magician, however, breaking into an email server without leaving a trace can only be the doing of a hacker. Much like a magician, hackers have the ability to manipulate a person’s mind andContinue Reading

Texas State Troopers observe and mark the skid lines of the recent collision of two vehicles at the intersection of FM 4000 and 2348. Staff Photo | Joelle Weatherford By Elisabeth Lively Managing Editor Hundreds of students, parents and teachers make their way to and from Chapel Hill school campusesContinue Reading

By Emma Yeager Entertainment Editor  A rising sport is taking over high schools and colleges across East Texas. Recently, bass fishing has become a popular competitive event across the states and is making its way to Northeast Texas Community College.  Northeast Texas is surrounded by popular lakes such as LakeContinue Reading

By Elisabeth Lively Layout and Design Editor Three hours, 58 minutes, 12 seconds and 26 miles later, tears streamed down Jessica Smith’s face as she crossed the finish line. Spectators cheered and applauded her efforts to complete a task that many runners have never experienced. After training for 16 weeks,Continue Reading

By Adriana Elizondo Staff Writer With the national student debt standing at nearly $1.6 trillion and climbing, Northeast Texas Community College offers an alternative way to finance college through its unique work scholarship program. Students in the Work4College program earn a wage while also creating a fund for tuition thatContinue Reading

  On-site Contest Newspaper Design – Elisabeth Lively, 1st place Best of Show Division 3 – Eagle Staff, 3rd place   Previously Published/Broadcast Contest First Place  Overall Excellence Newspaper – Eagle Staff Overall Design Newspaper – Eagle Staff Cover Design Newspaper – Eagle Staff Op/Ed Page Design – Nubia SanchezContinue Reading

Bobby the cat has been a resident of NTCC’s Ag Complex for several months. Just recently, Bobby was given a proper home. Courtesy Photo Special to The Eagle Bobby has been living in Northeast Texas Community College’s Ag Complex for months now. But it’s okay, because Bobby is a cat.Continue Reading

Professors Dr. Melissa Fulgham (left) and Anna Ingram (right) work with students during their history and English class. The two team-teach the courses in a unique hybrid format. Staff Photo | Tahj McRae By Joelle Weatherford Copy Editor Northeast Texas Community College has offered hybrid classes to help students get theContinue Reading