Dorm Life 101

By Kaylin Burt
Staff Writer

As someone who’s been living in a college dorm for nearly two semesters, I like to think that I know what I’m doing when it comes to dorm essentials. Moving into a college dorm can be scary and overwhelming. Between deciding what classes to take and what supplies to bring it’s all a bit much. 

One thing no one talks about is how hard it is to do laundry at the dorm, in the unlikely chance that you do find an open washer there are clothes in it. So what should you do? Move them! This doesn’t mean to just throw the wet clothes on the floor but if there’s an unoccupied dryer move them over and leave a note behind on the washer. Having respect for other people’s belongings is the least you can do if you want the same treatment.

  While on the topic of respect, you’re going to have a roommate and suitemates. When it comes to forming a friendship with your roommate that might not happen, but that doesn’t mean your living situation needs to be awkward. You will need to establish rules and be honest about your living habits. If you like to stay up late studying it is crucial that you let your roommate know so they can be prepared.

When preparing to move into the dorm, do it in the morning as early as possible. We live in Texas, it is going to be hot, and it won’t be much colder in the dorms. When deciding what to bring, pack comfortably. Bring anything you can to soften up the beds and chairs. A mattress topper is wonderful and can be used the entire time you live in a dorm. Pillows to put on the desk chair for those long nights spent studying. Cleaning essentials are also a must-have. Things will inevitably get dirty so it’s good to have the supplies on hand when that time comes.

Leaving home behind and going to a new place in a foreign town can be scary. These are some of the things I didn’t see coming so this is my advice for you, don’t be shy to establish respect and rules with the people that you live with. Or else you might be in for a rough semester.