Electric Vehicles come to Carroll Shelby Program

Students in the Carroll Shelby Electric Vehicle collegiate certification program will transform this mustang, Circa 1979, into an electric vehicle.

By Ian Griffin
Staff Writer

Northeast Texas Community College’s Carroll Shelby Program has teamed up with Legacy EV to become the first US Electric Vehicle collegiate certification program for Legacy EV. 

In the fall 2022 semester, NTCC incorporated a pilot program that includes the Legacy EV curriculum. This program provides students with a level I certification.

Zach Strawbridge, Shelby Automotive Technology Instructor, said the conversion is underway for one of America’s classic cars.

“We have a 1979 Mustang, Fox body Cobra we are going to turn into an EV,” Strawbridge said.

The Mustangs transition from gas to electric will conclude in the Spring 2023 semester.

Weston Johnson, NTCC Carroll Shelby student, said he is happy the program is evolving with the times.

“It is nice to know that the program is steadily evolving along with the evolution of the automotive industry,” Johnson said. “We are not being held back in time.”

The automotive industry is experiencing a dramatic change. It’s been around since the 1860s and since its inception, the primary mode of power has been an internal combustion engine that usually utilizes gasoline or diesel.

Recently, Tesla made a major presence in the electric vehicle market, pushing innovation. Now, Legacy EV has come in to perpetuate a niche market that is often overlooked.

Legacy EV fills the market and offers a conversion of classic cars. This conversion offers a transition to the future while keeping the old classic look.

According to the Legacy EV website, “Legacy EV is the market leader in aftermarket EV applications . Legacy offers fully integrated EV systems from top manufacturers, certified EV technician training programs, and EV design consultation for businesses around the world.”

The completion of the Mustang into an EV is the Carroll Shelby Program’s first leap into the future.

For more information about the Carroll Shelby Program contact Ron Luellen, rluellen@ntcc.edu.