“Cobra Kai” season 4 shows no mercy

By Jacquelyn Terrell

Staff Writer

“Cobra Kai” made it’s Netflix debut in 2018, sending people back in time to the 80’s. It is no secret that this series is a big hit. According to Netflix, the “Karate Kid” spinoff series has been watched by more than 50 million member accounts, but the big question here is why? Do people just want to see where all the characters from “Karate Kid” are now? Or is it because of nostalgia? 

Thirty four years after events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, Johnny Lawrence finds inspiration in teenager Miguel Diaz, which brings Johnny to once again open the Cobra Kai dojo. This brings back memories and anger for his rival, Daniel LaRusso; and once again the fight is on. 

For those who grew up watching “Karate Kid” and just cannot get enough, “Cobra Kai” is the TV series for you. Not only does “Cobra Kai” deliver well performed fight scenes, it keeps the audience at the edge of their seats. Original actors such as Ralph Macchio and William Zabka come back as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, and many other characters from the original movies make dramatic entrances throughout the show. 

“Parenthood” actor Xolo Maridueńa and “Jessie” actress Peyton List set the stage for a new storyline with younger characters.  Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence have both grown up and had children of their own. Old rivalries continue to stew, while new rivalries  light fires under the seats of fans.  Although the original “Karate Kid” movies may be considered family friendly, do not make that mistake with “Cobra Kai.” The characters themselves did not just age, the language and lifestyles did too. Explicit language as well as sexual scenes and many inapropriate conversations, jokes and scenes may prove to be too much for younger viewers. Although the show is rated PG 13+ be aware of what children might see before allowing your child to watch this show.  This series knows just how to keep their audience hooked. The cliff hangers in between not only the individual episodes but also the seasons, just kept me wanting more. I know I not only speak for myself when I say that this series just keeps getting better and better. “Cobra Kai” always has a new plot twist to keep your eye on the prize. Picture “Karate Kid,” but on steroids and that is what you get when watching “Cobra Kai” Season 4. 

After arriving on Netflix at the end of December 2021, it was the season that fans were waiting for. Although the season made great reveals and made great character developments there is still so much left to be answered. I know that I am not the only one on the edge of my seat waiting for the next season of the “Cobra Kai.”