QR codes offer ease of access for NTCC students

By Yanet Castro

Staff Writer

Director of Computer Services Sebastian Barron and the IT team recently introduced QR codes to Northeast Texas Community College to provide easy access to information and websites for students and faculty. 

“We are always trying to make things easier as IT. Technology is very complicated and it’s our job to find ways to make it simple” Barron said. 

A QR code is a barcode that can be scanned by “95% of devices” at NTCC, Barron said. If the user’s devices cannot scan, students can download a QR code reader app. To scan the QR code, students will need to open their device’s camera and point it at the QR code. From there, a notification badge will appear at the top of their screen. Once the user clicks the badge, it will direct them to the website or information that the QR code obtains. 

“To me, getting your phone and pointing at this thing and getting taken to a website is easier than trying to stand in front of a paper and trying to type in that address manually,” Barron said.

Barron said it is all about simplifying student’s lives. Audrey Bowen, who is a second year student here at NTCC, said she had no problems using the QR codes.

“I needed my parking sticker at student services, and I needed to log in using their QR code before speaking to somebody,” Bowen said. “Using the QR code was quick and simple. It took a minute, and I didn’t have any problems.” 

Three specific QR codes are being emphasized by Barron and the IT team, which includes the IT checklist, OneLogin reset link and OneLogin sign-in page. The IT checklist walks students through how to set up their OneLogin accounts, access their student emails, install the Microsoft Office suite and ensure student’s computers are compatible with Blackboard.

The OneLogin reset QR code guides the student to reset their OneLogin account if they get a new phone or if they have issues receiving OneLogin notifications. 

The OneLogin sign-in QR code is used to change a student’s OneLogin password by using the “forgot password” link below the password field. This QR code will be used by all students before the end of the semester due to an upcoming change of password requirement.

All three of these QR codes can be found on flyers across campus and posted on the whiteboard in each classroom. For more information, email the IT department at ithelp@ntcc.edu or contact Barron at sbarron@ntcc.edu.