NTCC unveils new inclusive app for students

By Skylar Fondren 

Staff Writer

Northeast Texas Community College has recently unveiled a new app to their arsenal of technology to help students get involved on campus. Director of Student Development and Inclusion Kaymon Farmer created the InclusiveEagle app to give students an opportunity to learn about upcoming campus events and introduce them to their fellow students.

“If we have an app so everyone can create a profile, they can see others on campus and ultimately help them remember students’ names and feel comfortable speaking with those students,” Farmer said.

The app officially launched at the start of the Fall 2021 semester. Farmer said he hopes the new piece of technology will become the “go-to” place for finding out what is happening on campus and eventually give online students the chance to also participate in campus events.

“I see it as a social event platform where eventually those events will be handheld and they can virtually join those events from their phone,” Farmer said.

To sign-up, students can go to www.inclusiveeagle.com or scan the QR code on one of the many InclusiveEagle posters scattered around campus to go directly to the sign-up page of the app. Students will need their student ID and email to log in and create a profile. While InclusiveEagle is technically not an app available on the App Store, it functions exactly like an app. Students simply have to add the web page to their home screen and then it will have the exact same appearance and functions of an app. 

Once students create their accounts, they can join clubs, register for events, invite their peers to join activities and sign up for tutoring. All of which, once completed, will result in points added to their profile. 

Points can be “cashed in” for prizes, which are in three tiers based on the number of points. These prizes include t-shirts, gift cards and electronics. Students will be able to redeem their points at the end of the semester. This allows everyone the chance to build up points and receive the best chance at getting their preferred prize. 

InclusiveEagle is still in its trial period, so not all of the proposed features are available, but as the app gets more use, those features will be tested and updated.

“With this 1.0 app, we’re just seeing what works and what isn’t working,” Farmer said.

Other features of the app include the feedback option where students can comment on their experiences as well as suggest ideas for future events. Another function still in development is a map, which will give detailed directions to help students find their way around campus.

With over 300 student profiles currently signed up, Farmer said he is happy with the participation he is seeing.

“As a visionary and as an app builder I feel like that’s a great number,” Farmer said.

He said he hopes to see the app continue to grow as a useful tool for NTCC students in the coming years.

For more information about the InclusiveEagle app, contact Farmer at kfarmer@ntcc.edu.