IT introduces OneLogin to students, staff

By Joelle Weatherford

Last semester, Northeast Texas Community College’s IT department added multi-factor authentication to student emails in order to provide a more secure email experience. The  department is now taking online security one step further with OneLogin, a single sign on, one click way to access all NTCC web applications. Sebastian Barron, NTCC director of computer and technical services, said all users are required to register for OneLogin by Feb. 14. Students, faculty and staff can go to to begin setting up OneLogin on their NTCC account. All users received an email with a link to an instructional video that will assist them with the registration process.

“OneLogin takes MFA one step further by providing a single sign-on process,” Barron said. “That means once you log in to OneLogin, you will not have to sign into any of the apps offered within OneLogin.”

Instead of receiving a text and inputting the code, users will simply receive an alert through the OneLogin Protect app on their mobile device.

They will be alerted that someone is attempting to sign in using their credentials and will have a choice of allowing or denying the connection attempt.

“No more jumping through different web links and signing in,” Barron said. “I also think it will highlight several services offered by NTCC that students may not be aware of.”

Once users access OneLogin, they will be directed to a landing page that will display all of NTCC’s core applications in one location. OneLogin will provide secure access to NTCC applications such as the MyEagle Portal, Office 365, Blackboard, Zoom, Adobe and the NTCC library databases.

“OneLogin is one of the few products that offers security as well as ease of access at the same time,” Barron said. “OneLogin is a win-win situation for the NTCC community.”

For more information or assistance with OneLogin registration, contact the IT department at