WEPA print stations land on campus

By Brianna Stacks
Staff Writer

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Northeast Texas Community College has introduced a new form of printing for its students. The new WEPA print stations allow students to create and send a print job from any device and print their documents at any one of the four WEPA print stations, which are located in the Caddo Café, LRC and the lobbies of Student Housing East and Student Housing West.

In the past, printing has been done through the circulation desk of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) or better known as the library or in the computer labs. But, when students return to classes after spring break on March 14, printing will only be available through the new printing stations.

Students should be aware that they can use their debit or credit cards at a printing station, however, they will be charged a surcharge of 40 cents on top of the 9-cent per page printing price. Instead of using their credit or debit card and paying the surcharge, students can purchase a $5 WEPA Print Card at the Northeast College Bookstore. When the money on the card has been used, students can simply go buy another $5 WEPA Print Card for printing jobs. The new WEBA printing stations will NOT accept cash, only debit/credit or printing cards.

LRC Director Ron Bowden recommended that students create a WEPA account and tag their cards to make the login process faster. He said students also have an option of transferring money into their WEPA account to pay for printing.

Prices for printing are as follows: Black & White – 9 cents, Duplex (Double-sided) Black & White – 17 cents, Color – 49 cents, and Duplex (Double-sided) Color – 97 cents.

To learn how to upload documents to print on the WEPA stations, visit the printing stations locations to retrieve an information pamphlet. Or for more information, visit the WEPA website at wepanow.com or call 1-800-675-7639.

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