Northeast to host Masquerade Ball

By Holly McGonagill

Staff Writer

The NTCC Student Government Association and the Northeast Women’s Soccer Team have joined together to throw a Masquerade Ball. The dance is Thursday Feb. 11, from 9:30PM to 1:00AM. Tickets are on sale for $5, though you can pay at the door, the host would rather have people pay ahead of time to ensure enough appetizers for everyone.

Tickets are available from Rico Willis, Director of Student Activities and Multicultural Affairs, or any SGA Member. There will also be tickets sold at the Date Auction this Wednesday. “Everyone complains about how there is nothing to do at such a small college” said President of SGA and soccer player, Tanika Santos, “This is a chance to dress up and feel good about themselves”.

If more than 75 tickets are sold, SGA and women’s soccer team will be allowed to decorate the entire SUB for the guests to enjoy. All of the revenue from the tickets goes to support SGA and the women’s soccer team. The dance will be more organized than others in the past with bigger decorations, food, and an official playlist. “In the past students have just shown up, ate food and left”’ said SGA Public Relations Officer, Mary Smith. “We wanted the dance to be different, out of the box”.

The ball will be catered by Great Western Dining and the host asks that you dress to impress, which in this case is considered formal attire. Masks will be available for $2 as long as the supplies last. “Students should attend in order to enjoy campus life. Their experience in college should be fun and exciting”, said Willis, “This event is a great way to meet new people within a familiar and comfortable environment”.

For more information on the ball, contact Rico Willis at or speak to any of the SGA members and women’s soccer team.  “It is not only a dance for those who have dates; it’s also for groups of friends, and people who want to have fun”, said Santos. “Everyone is welcome”.

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