Final stage of construction begins

Final stage of construction begins

Nubia Sanchez
Staff Writer

While the light at the end of the construction tunnel may have seem obscured at times over the past 18 months, most of the renovation projects will soon be coming to an end. WRL Superintendent Kelly Norris said the Learning Resource Center (LRC) construction schedule is moving along and on track.

“We will have it done by May 31 in time for the June summer session,” Norris said.

The LRC is currently one of the main areas undergoing extensive renovations. The project is in the last of a three-phase plan that includes a new computer lab, a large circulation desk and coffee bar and the Biggers art room.

“It will be a true Learning Resource Center,” LRC Director Ron Bowden. “There is a new term in the library world called learning commons, and you see that a lot. That was kind of the model I was thinking about. You can say that we are a learning commons; part of that is creating spaces as well where students can collaborate and we are also building into this what they call collaboration stations.”

These stations will offer students the opportunity to plug in and charge their laptops and other devices. Bowden said that they want to provide students, faculty and staff amenities asked for in a survey conducted before the construction began.

“I’m excited about all the changes, the new spaces, the new furniture solutions, the coffee bar, the collaboration stations and the way the space has opened up,” Bowden said. “I think we are making better use of the space, and we are meeting the needs of the current age.”

One of the main additions to the LRC is the John T. Biggers art room and areas for the Caddo Indian displays.  The Biggers room will house one of the artist’s murals while other pieces of his art will be displayed in other areas of the library.

Along with the Biggers art, the college will also display several of pieces of Caddo Indian pottery in display cases throughout the newly designed space. Bowden said it is a privilege to have these pieces of art. He added that the work will give the LRC a small museum aspect.

“The LRC is located in the heart of the campus, and I think it is just going to provide an exciting place for students and hopefully the faculty are going to want to come and use it,” Bowden said. “I’m most excited to see the looks on people’s faces and just seeing them make use of the space and being able to provide the services. I’m probably most excited for how it’s going to make our students have a better college experience.”

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