Eagles start strong in early fall play, ready for TJC

Eagles start strong in early fall play, ready for TJC

Na’Chyna Rogers

Managing Editor

With a nerve-racking 27 seconds left in a tied game against San Jacinto, team captain forward Eric Healy, shot the game-winning goal to lead the Eagles to another victory.

After a short celebration the team began to mentally prepare themselves for their next game against Angelina.

“I thought there was 3 or 4 minutes left but, it was a good win and it was a good build up to the goal,” Head Coach Steven Harrison said. “He had two goals and it was a good finish because actually I didn’t know if it was going in or not, it actually looked like it was going over.”

They fought a tough fight, but pulled through at the end for a successful win against San Jacinto.  Harrison called it a good win especially since San Jac is a top ten pre-season team.

On Sunday, the team played Angelina, and while Harrison said the team came out with “good effort,” unfortunately, the team suffered a tough lose.

Harris said that if they had gotten even, he felt that they could have come back with a win, but during the second half, Angelina went on to score three more goals.

“It just wasn’t our day, they got up 2-0 up on us, and we tried to fight back, but we couldn’t get the momentum. They got up early on us 2-0 probably the first 25-30 minutes, and then we got a goal and made it 2-1, but we just couldn’t that tie,” Harrison said.

The coach said they are a young team that is still learning how to work together with only a few returning sophomores and the rest being freshmen.

“We have five sophomores, and we only start two or three of them, so I think as we started in preseason we were a little slow,” Harrison said. “They just had to get use to the speed of play and the climate here, especially some of the Europeans. As we progressed, I think we got better once we started playing together,”

Although they are mostly a freshman team, Harrison said they have been working together well with the help of Healy and Juan Arias who has made an impression on the coach.

“They came in, they work hard, get along, want to win, that’s a different mentality than last year, when they win they keep pushing, so I think it will help us be successful,” Harrison said. The coach said they are prepared to move forward even stronger after the recent lose.

“I think we will just keep improving as a team once the guys get experience,” Harrison said. Coming off that lose, it hurts, but I think it will help us in the long run for sure.

The Eagles will play again on the Sept. 15 in Tyler against Tyler Junior College.

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