Balancing a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule

Balancing a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule

By Emma Wolfe
Staff Writer

Being a student while also handling the pressing responsibilities of adulthood is hard enough as it is. With a schedule packed full of classes, work, assignments, and group projects, a healthy workout routine is understandably pushed down the priority list.

There are simple steps you can take in order to make living a healthier life easier and enjoyable. It is important to pay special attention to your body and its needs. Putting effort into making sure your body is taken care of can do wonders for your self-esteem, as well as stress relief and energy.

We all know that an exercise routine is only as good as the diet plan. Results are said to come from 20% exercise and 80% diet. Making tiny changes here and there eventually add up to a huge difference.

For example, an easy change you can make every morning, or most mornings at least, is getting a fruit smoothie instead of a coffee. The serving of fruit is healthier than a normal latte, and the natural sugars will help energize your mind for that early 8 a.m. Thankfully, Jo’s here on campus has delicious strawberry banana and mango smoothies. Convenience is key when starting a healthier lifestyle.

The most important, and perhaps hardest, part of eating better is being more conscious of your food choices. Instead of getting a sandwich, try a light salad to cut down on unnecessary carbs. Swap out a fattening snack like potato chips for something more nutrient dense, such as trail mix or granola bars. Pack a few healthy snacks in your backpack for between classes so you don’t stop at the tempting vending machine.

Take time to think about how you already satisfy your cravings, and be creative. Also, remember to indulge in a flexible diet, it’s impossible to expect a perfectly well balanced diet every single day. There is no shame in a few extra cookies to unwind before that physics exam.

Typically, hitting the gym is often viewed as a task instead of as an investment. Remember that the gym is a place to work on your goals.It can also be a place to kill some time. Ever drive out to campus to realize your class was cancelled? The first thought that pops in is about all that gas that was wasted on the drive here. Luckily, there’s a gym right on campus. Located by the Student Living East, it is free for all students to utilize at their convenience. No more excuses about not being able to afford a gym membership. NTCC has you covered.

If you truly dread going to the gym, there are also ways you can sneak exercises into your daily life. Do a few wall push ups in the morning to strengthen your arms. A few squats while you wait for the water in the shower to heat up does wonders. Try doing crunches when you go to tie your shoes in the morning. These things help make the most out of the idle times in your life.

It is easy to get caught up in the motion of things and forget how it’s affecting your body. Exercising can be a great stress reliever if you find yourself obsessing over a test. Eating well can do amazing things for your focus. Having a healthier lifestyle does wonders for your self-esteem and confidence.

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