Thinking about events even if you’re too young to remember

Nubia Sanchez

Staff Writer

The month of September is when Americans remember one of the most devastating events in United States history. Many lives were lost, and it was a time of chaos and fear as well as an event that most people my age were too young to remember.

I was four years old when the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon occurred. I honestly have no memory of the events. But, I keep those people who were affected in mind. My heart is with those families who lost loved ones and first responders who gave up their lives to save some. And not only them but the troops who were drafted and are currently serving in Afghanistan.

I recently watched The Naudet Brothers 9/11 documentary, the film is about two brothers who captured the exact moments of everything that went on that day. When I watched this film, it gave me a glimpse of what really happened inside the World Trade Center 16 years ago.

The movie really put me in the shoes of those New Yorker firefighters. Their confusion and facial expressions of them never experiencing these circumstances had me shook. I understand what New Yorkers felt in those moments. People my age should never forget what occurred. For it is a day of history, and, is why America went to war with Afghanistan.

Recently more troops were dispatched to Afghanistan. I feel like it is sad because many troops usually stay there for years. Many of them have loved ones who stay here in the U.S. and I know these troops do it for the protection of their country and family.

President Trump’s plan is to end terrorism, which is one of the reasons more troops were sent. I agree with Trump on this because just like America fought to end communism in Europe, terrorist groups need to be terminated.

Even 16 years after 9/11 the war is still ongoing. Al Qaeda still exists and I don’t think anyone is safe until its done away with. This war is the longest one for America and there’s no telling when will it end.

Many of the troops that were recently sent out are probably my age, they are going to help to fight. A war based around an event they do not even remember. I find that kind of ironic but it is true.

Even though my generation and those that follow have no memory of 9/11, history teachers should not stop teaching about that catastrophic day. Younger Americans more than ever must know and understand the historic events of America, as well practice the unity of Americans when horrific events occur. Despite the different ideologies and beliefs that should not be enough to divide Americans. We are all one and should remain that way.

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