The misuse of music’s muse: The objectification of women in media

By Holly McGonagill

Staff Writer

Girls, picture walking into work and your boss telling you that to be successful in the company you need to lose some clothes and develop a sexier personality, because that is what the clientele wants. What would you do? Many women would happily shed their clothes and personality because of the peer pressure. Sex is common place in what we hear, see, and read. Sex and partying is found in music, TV, and magazines. Many women in media have objectified their body so that the ratings in their show, movie, or music will rise.

When women are asked why they will shed their clothes without a doubt in mind, they reply it is what the people want. In an interview with BBC, Jennifer Lawrence said, “It is a part of the entertainment industry that sells, for some disgusting reason, young sex sells even more.”

It’s true, in today’s society if females are not willing to appear half naked they are rarely perceived as important. Over the years, female empowerment and the gender equality has been on the rise. If you notice though, the role a female plays, not only in fiction, but in real life has become more of an object than a person. A woman’s role to many people is to dress and act sexy to please society, and her significant other.

Many women will tell you that they are responsible and mature women, who need to be treated with respect, but then they walk out the house with a dress that should fit an eight-year-old and heels that could poke an eye out. These women then wonder why they get treated as jokes and get called nasty, provocative names. If a female want’s to be respected, she needs to respect herself. Dressing sexy thinking your impressing someone may not be something you grow out of. Many older women either, famous or not, still throw on tight clothes and pounds of makeup. They are still of the mindset that this will make society love them and want more to do with them.

Men sadly do nothing to help this issue. From cat calls and sexual pickup lines to dirty lyrics about one night stands with the hot girl from the club. Many women think the only way to get a man to be with them and want them in any way is to act and dress in a provocative manner. More men need to treat woman as their equals, and show woman the respect a man would want from the people around them. A woman’s sexuality will continue to be sold everywhere from media to everyday lives. The only way to stop this from happening is for women to develop self-worth and stop thinking that you were put on earth to please society. I am not saying not to have days where you dress up, with your hair and makeup done, because all women want to feel different and good about themselves. My suggestion is that every woman needs to take a permanent marker and draw a fine line between classy and trashy.

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